History of the Dragon Telecaster

The Dragon Tele was purchased in 1969 by John Owen. It then came into the possession of guitarist and friend of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck. This was Beck’s guitar while his time in the Yardbirds in 1965 who put his own homemade black pickguard on it.

When Beck left the Yardbirds in August of 1966, the guitar was given to Page with the original white pickguard. Page quickly customized it as by March 1967 he added white reflective circles similar to the ones used by Pink Floyd’s guitarist, Syd Barrett. By the end of that year, Page showed off his art skills by painting a green dragon design on the body and added a pickguard made of acrylic with a sheet of reflective film underneath.

This was Page’s main guitar from 1966 to May of 1969 when the Gibson Les Paul he purchased from Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh, replaced the Tele as his main guitar. The guitar was not used again until the recording of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ when he brought back the telecaster to record the solo for the song in 1971.

The telecaster met a tragic end when a friend of Page’s repainted the body and messed up all the wiring. The neck was still salvageable though, as he used the neck to replace the maple one on his brown 1953 Fender telecaster which has been used in the 1977 tour, Knebworth shows, A.R.M.S. concerts, appearances with Roy Harper, and with the Firm.